Food & Drink

Fat Sallys is the place to be!

A hearty feed!


There is a lot of great food on offer at Fat Sally’s so pop in for a light snack or a flavour packed meal!

Wet your lips!


If it’s to compliment your meal, have with mates, or enjoy with entertainment – we have the drink for you

Right place, all the time


Come to Fat Sally’s and enjoy a cool drink in summer or sit by the fire in winter with a good meal!

 Fat Sally’s Hours


You are more than welcome to savour a great drink or meal with us from 11:30am till late (Tues-Sun), 5pm till late (Mon).

A great place to eat


Fat Sally’s has been a popular venue in Oamaru for over 10 years and has catered to provide you with an experience to remember.

Pop in from 11:30am onwards and enjoy our popular bar, kids, lunch or dinner menus. Whether you have the ‘Mumma mia’, ‘Boss Hogg’, or our ever popular ‘Sal Royale’ you can rest assured we take great pride in the food you are served, the variety, and the service that comes with it.

A place for everyone

There is plenty of space for you to enjoy your meal whether you choose to enjoy the atmosphere of the bar area or if you would like a bit more privacy in our restaurant seating areas.

We also have a private beer garden out the back for those who would like to be in the fresh air while partaking in the best Fat Sally’s has to offer.

What’s on tap at Fat Sally’s?

Speight’s Gold Medal Ale

Speight’s is an ale with a hint of “grassy” undertones that add to its complexity. It has the full flavour of Speight’s malt and hops.

Speight’s Summit

Speight’s Summit Lager delivers a smooth, crisp and refreshing taste with less of the maltiness associated with Speight’s Gold Medal Ale.

Speight’s 5 Malt Old Dark

This dark ale has roasted malt character with a hint of chocolate. The flavour has been balanced with extra hops and rounded out with just enough sweetness.

Speight’s Cider

The full bodied profile comes from the batch fermentation of juice sourced from 100% New Zealand grown apples, and is expertly coupled to a dry finish, which leaves you wanting more of this amber cider

Mac’s Gold

Mac’s Gold is the talisman of the Mac’s family, an all malt lager brewed naturally with hints of citrus and sweet malts.


Unmistakeably GUINNESS®, from the first velvet sip to the last, lingering drop. And every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between.

About the 1759 Club

Introducing the exciting 1759 Club – the Guinness appreciation club.

Recognised in countries around the world, the Guinness club exists to reward loyalty of Guinness to drinkers of Ireland’s famous pint.

From its humble roots to a thriving membership of over 3,000, the 1759 Club of New Zealand sends out thousands of reward gifts each year to members who drink Guinness in pubs and bars across New Zealand.

Want to join the 1759 Club? Contact us today to find out more!