Quiz Night

“Believe it or Not” Quiz Night!.

Wednesday is Quiz Night at Fat Sally’s

Pop down before 7:30pm to test your general knowledge.

Be in quick and early though as seats fill up fast!


Did I forget to mention it’s free AND there are prizes up for grabs!?


For more information on the quiz check out page below over head over to the contact page and give us a buzz!

So what’s in a ‘Believe or not’ Quiz?

The quiz is made up of several different components. Each is explained below:

8 rounds of questions.

The topics change every week, and will feature both recent and historical content.

The Joker

Choose two rounds before you start for which your points will be doubled. A team’s success is pivotal to choosing which rounds are their strongest suits.

Ponderous Puzzle

An ongoing problem where a clue is given at the end of each round. The clues get progressively easier and the quicker they solve it, the more points they get.

The List – Half time!

Listen to the category for The List. Teams write down ten items relating to the category, once they get one wrong they break the chain, and stop scoring points. For instance, if you get your 5th item wrong, yet get numbers 6 – 10 right, they only score 4 points, as the chain of correct answers was broken at number 5.


Jackpot – The big finale!

Three difficult questions are given to teams at the end of the quiz. Teams are given one or two minutes in which to record their answers. Once ‘time’ is called answers are collected, checked and prizes awarded for teams with all 3 answers correct.

Need more information? Head over to the contact page!